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Unique Jasper, Amazonite & Aventurine Handmade Leather Bracelet

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Basic Properties of Jasper, Amazonite & Aventurine Bracelet

♢ Wisdom 


Align your Chakras, bring Inner Peace and Positivity into your life with this wonderful wrap bracelet. This splendid leather wrap bracelet is beautifully handmade with natural Amazonite, Jasper, Aventurine gemstones and crystal beads. It features a splendid natural blue druzy. The wrap is made with genuine leather. Total length is 20.1 inches (51 cm) and is adjustable through the 2 clasps.

 To our Vegan community: our gemstone wrap bracelets can be made with cord on request. 

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Unique Jasper, Amazonite & Aventurine Handmade Leather Bracelet

Benefits of Possessing Jasper, Amazonite & Aventurine

Amazonite is a mint green to aqua green stone said to be of truth, honor, communication, integrity, hope, and trust.

  • It is said to enhance intuition, psychic powers, creativity, intellect, and psychic ability.
  • Amazonite is often associated with the throat chakra, and as such, said to be beneficial to communication. It is also associated strongly with the third eye chakra.
  • It is said to align the physical & astral bodies. It is noted mystically to lessen stress and self-defeating behaviours by calming & building self-esteem.
  • Amazonite is believe in crystal healing to heal emotional disturbances and the after effects of emotional trauma.

Aventurine helps calm and relax fiery emotions, allowing one to be less affected by external influences and to be more in control & at peace within oneself.

  • It provides better focus & concentrationlends the courage needed to take an honest look at how one’s thoughts and actions have affected their current reality, and how best to move forward in improving or continuing those patterns.
  • The Metaphysical power of Blue Aventurine will activate and cleanse the throat and third eye chakra. 
  • "This is the reason meditating with it allows us to connect with our inner self and recognize our own psychic abilities."

Jasper is a very nourishing, warm and protective stone no matter what colour you find the jasper in - be it yellow, green, blue, purple or the deep earthy red.

  • Jaspers are the nurturers, the healers and the spirit stones of courage and wisdom.
  • They all carry a strong connection to the Earth's energy, making the jasper healing properties very beneficial for grounding, stability and strength.

*Note: Since gemstones are natural materials, stone colours and shape may vary slightly from the picture, making this beautiful handmade item unique just like you!

UPDATE: Due to huge demand we are officially running low on this product, please place your order while supplies last!