Fire Opal Tree of Life Ring - 925 Sterling Silver (50% OFF)
Fire Opal Tree of Life Ring - 925 Sterling Silver (50% OFF)
Fire Opal Tree of Life Ring - 925 Sterling Silver (50% OFF)
Fire Opal Tree of Life Ring - 925 Sterling Silver (50% OFF)

Fire Opal Tree of Life Ring - 925 Sterling Silver (50% OFF)

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925 Sterling Silver Tree of Life - Fire Opal Ring 

This ring, as powerful as it is beautiful, consists of a combination of 2 spiritual symbols - Tree of Life & Fire Opal

The sacred Tree of Life symbol is commonly depicted as a large tree with roots that spread inward to the ground, and branches that spread outward to the sky. This represents the interconnected nature of all things in the universe; an eternal bonding of the physical realm we are rooted in, and the spiritual realm we are reaching for.

Fire Opal is a gemstone, just as the name hints us, that symbolizes 'flame' and it has very powerful energy. Fire-Opal can be used when you want to realize your dream or goal. It is also great to use when you want to have more staying power. It is believed that it can give you the energy to keep working hard

Your favorite, truly magical piece of jewelry

All of our spiritual jewelry is 100% handcrafted. Have a look at our process looks like in practice:

  1. Our creative designers come up with a design of a cool piece of jewelry.
  2. Based on the design, we decide which crystal will be used as a complement to the jewelry piece in order to maximize its effect since we all know that every crystal has its own healing properties.
  3. Our craftsmen create the first roughcast.
  4. Roughcast that satisfied our quality criteria is then polished and brushed.
  5. We always double-check our work, for that we have a quality control team that have a second look at the finished product.
  6. We ship the finished magic piece to YOU!

☑️ Designed & handcrafted with love 

☑️ Made from Solid 925 Sterling Silver

☑️ Nickel Free - 100% Allergy Safe

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This unique Tree of Life Ring is made of 100% 925 Sterling Silver!

Material: 925 sterling silver

Sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

*Note: Please, select your size according to our sizing chart above before purchasing!

The stones used to make this ring are natural and ethically mined. Patterns and colors will vary slightly.  Each ring is unique, crafted and one of a kind.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Easy Refunds

Our Guarantee: We work hard to have the most beautiful and high-quality spiritual jewelry and we back that up with a risk-free 60-day, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We provide tracking numbers with every order and keep you updated with the latest tracking information as your order is on the way to you. ❤️  

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UPDATE: Due to high demand, we are running low on this product, place your order while supplies last!

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