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Crystal Healing Water Bottle with Aventurine - Luck, Confidence & Abundance

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Why Is The Aventurine A Must-Have?



When you take your first sips from your crystal elixir bottle you may feel sensations that reach from light tingling to emotions manifesting themselves.

This is normal and is part of your body healing through the crystal elixir. In the following days, you will feel a raised level of energy and optimism that are easy to get used to. This is a sign that balances in your body have been re-established.

If you’re heading to Las Vegas, forget about luck—an Aventurine stone is what you want by your side!

☑️ Optimism: Graces the spirit with a sense of excitement & optimism

☑️ Courage: Makes jumping out of your comfort zone less scary

☑️ Leadership: The energy of this stone helps you to turn from a passive follower to a dynamic leader

☑️ Heart ChakraOpens the heart chakra to help you recognize what truly excites you

☑️ Harmony: Brings harmony between mind, body & spirit that will often translate into newfound confidence.

Aventurine Water Bottle

While playfully referred to as the gambler’s stone, Aventurine it is said to be one of the luckiest crystals. 


*Note: Crystals are ethically mined and genuine. 

    Features: Glass chamber in the bottom of the bottle allows you to charge your water with your own favorite crystals.
    Gemstone: Natural aventurine.
    Material: Glass (Bottle Pedestal & Cap: Stainless steel)
    Height: 9.75" (Diameter: 2.75")
    Volume: 18 oz / 550 ml
    The glass bottle and components are dishwasher safe


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