Calming Ocean Jasper Stone Bracelet
Calming Ocean Jasper Stone Bracelet
Calming Ocean Jasper Stone Bracelet

Calming Ocean Jasper Stone Bracelet

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Why Is The Ocean Jasper A Must-Have?

ā™¢Ā Stability

ā™¢Ā Creativity

Say it with me,Ā "I release all my negative thoughts."

Ocean Jasper is a vibrant blue and green stone known for its healing properties.Ā Its unique marks, specs, and patterns vary with each stone. This Calming Ocean Jasper Stone Bracelet represents EarthyĀ &Ā Strong characteristics. This stone is excellent for someone searching for GroundingĀ &Ā Stability. Its colors and unique features resemble the Ocean. Wear this bracelet and become connected with nature on a deeper level.Ā 

Ocean JasperĀ healing properties include severalĀ propertiesĀ crucial for everyday life.

ā˜‘ļø Reach Higher Consciousness:Ā OpensĀ the mind and fills it with creative energies,

ā˜‘ļø Increase Happiness: Lifting spirits,Ā bringing feelings of joy and happiness,

ā˜‘ļø Release Negativity:Ā HelpsĀ releaseĀ negativeĀ feels, thoughtsĀ andĀ emotions.

ā˜‘ļø Positive Energy:Ā Feel your spirits lift, positive energies transcend, and watch your confidence skyrocket!Ā 

ā™”Ā To our Vegan community: We offer Non Leather variant!Ā ā™”



Ocean Jasper Healing Properties

Ocean Jasper benefits those with Spiritual or Creative Blocks. Jasper stones are for thoseĀ feeling stuck, stagnant, or finding themselves with limited Enthusiasm or Motivation. As a grounding stone, Jasper helps Open the Mind. It helps tap into your Creative Energies allowing you to see infinite possibilities.Ā 

Wear this Calming Ocean Jasper Stone Bracelet and allow its healing properties to work their magic. Feel relieved, motivated, energetic, and creative. Get ready for endless opportunity to come knocking at your door!Ā 

Ocean Jasper has other healing properties that can benefit EVERYONE. Known as theĀ cellular Jasper stoneĀ because of its ability to heal at a deeper cellular level. Wear this beautiful and unique bracelet when you are feeling down in the dumpsĀ or fatigue.

    Overall, this is a stone we can all utilise more often. Everyone should have Ocean Jasper in their crystal collection!Ā 

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    Product Features

    • Bracelets Type:Ā Handmade Wrap Bracelets
    • Chain Type:Ā Leather Wrap
    • Material:Ā Ocean Jasper Stone
    • Metals Type:Ā Zinc Alloy
    • Style:Ā Bohemian bracelet
    • Length:Ā Approximately 83.5cm
    • Handmade

    UPDATE:Ā Due to huge demand we are officially running low on this product,Ā please place your order while supplies last!