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The Friendly Store was not created by us - the universe created it through us.

Back in the old days, we had to seek out a specialist crystal shop to discover new crystals! As with most things, the big guys move into town and force the closure of small business, including our beloved little crystal shop.

So we decided to look online to buy Crystal, Malas and or other Mystical Items. But all the online stores we found were asking for $100+ per item.

We could not believe it, $109 for a pink quartz bracelet?

$119 for a tiger's eye necklace? We knew something was wrong.

How can a simple crystal cost more than $100...ridiculous right?

Our local store was not asking anywhere near as much. We decided to create a place where everyone can get premium crystal items without the premium price.

Like the crystal shop that was near our home - our goal is not simply to offer jewelry because it's beautiful...

We want to connect people with the items...with REAL meaning.

We want to raise the vibration of every soul that become part of The Friendly Store. And this is what our store is all about.

We are a group of free-loving-spirits enjoying every glance of life.

We love cats, yoga, and cats doing yoga :) Our favorite drink is green tea and home-made kombucha.

Anyhow this has gone on for way too long. Once again, I truly appreciate your time and trust and I hope to hear from you soon, even if you just drop us a mail to say hi :)


Philip & The Friendly Store Team

PS : If you have question, comment, recommendation or product request, you can connect with us via