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Crystal Healing Water Bottle with Clear Quartz - Clarity & Power

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Why Is The Clear Quartz A Must-Have?



Clear Quartz is known as "The Master Healer". It is a very powerful healing stone that can be used for anything.

When you take your first sips from your crystal elixir bottle you may feel sensations that reach from light tingling to emotions manifesting themselves.

This is normal and is part of your body healing through the crystal elixir. In the following days, you will feel a raised level of energy and optimism that are easy to get used to. This is a sign that balances in your body have been re-established.

‚ėĎÔłŹ Inspiration:¬†Translucent clear quartz increases inspiration and¬†creativity¬†by creating space in the mind.

‚ėĎÔłŹ Healing:¬†It can heal issues at the physical, mental, emotional or soul level.

‚ėĎÔłŹ Divine white light:¬†Resonates with the¬†higher chakras,¬†bringing in divine white light and connection to¬†higher-self, higher¬†consciousness, higher¬†wisdom,¬†and¬†unconditional pure love.

Clear Quartz is the rockstar among crystals. If your spirit needs illumination, it brings clarity to matters you are seeking. Its ability to be programmed for manifestation is unlike any other stone.


*Note: Crystals are ethically mined and genuine. 

    Features: Glass chamber in the bottom of the bottle allows you to charge your water with your own favorite crystals.
    Gemstone: Natural clear quartz
    Material: Glass (Bottle Pedestal & Cap: Stainless steel)
    Height: 9.75" (Diameter: 2.75")
    Volume: 18 oz / 550 ml
    The glass bottle and components are dishwasher safe


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